Questioning how I could better serve my community, myself AND the planet

Hello friends,

The summer is finally upon us post confinement and I have noticed my own city getting significantly quieter, which suggests that many of us are gradually adjusting back to a new "norm". However, I have equally talked to students at my recent day retreats & classes who tell me otherwise. Some expressed feeling busier even stressed (work/life balance) than was previously the case, which begs the question, has anything really changed? Are we capable of listening to the warning signs such as COVID 19?

I personally have enjoyed taking the time to rethink in a fundamental way how I want to try to do better (the luxury I had, given I have no kids or huge overhead of bills to pay) and I fail ALOT of the time. Example: when it rains, do I take my car or my bike for personal comfort in that moment? :-) And this is daily for me! Questioning my integrity.