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Digital Detox as part of your Daily Routine

"Digital detox" retreats are considered as the new luxury. CEO's are literally paying thousands of euros to just be able to have their IPHONE placed away for a few days, so they can sit, meditate and focus on just the simple pleasure of being "not available" to gain new insights. You CANNOT produce or even DISCERN good quality information with info overload. I have witnessed students locking their phone in a coded box at my own retreats without me even asking them! The information superhighway is great for so many things, but it is equally damaging for our mental health.

TIPS for a HEALTHY DIGITAL LIFE for your mental health:

- When running an errand away from home, leave the phone at home for a few hours. The world will not fall apart. If it does, take a yoga class please! :-) - Phone on Autopilot mode from pre dinner time to the next morning 2 days a week, usually weekends. BE with the people around you. - Phone on Autopilot from 9pm till after morning meditation (or your morning ritual if you have one) daily. - Never have your phone on the table during a meal. YES...N E V E R - Unfollow feeds, be ruthless. Do they make you feel good or do they make you anxious, eventhough it's "interesting " to read - Have no more than 1/ 2 news apps. I mean what's the deal with having 5? They all report the same topics with a different angle. - Choose news channels that are transparent One of my favourite news channels: Double Down News - Put of ALL notifications - Social media - delete the apps once in a while (1 x weekly). Makes you appreciate them once you use them again. You do not want to be following what others are doing while you are actually "doing" something. - Consume literature weekly that is your own guilty pleasure. Not because it's an "educational" read as important as this is. Poetry, art books, quality storytelling audible are just a few ideas of keeping a light spirit in your week, otherwise we all start frowning.... Again, please do share how you choose your information. I am always happy to hear from you as I hope you are from me.

Namaste hands, Mike :-)


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