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Making people happier one retreat at a time

Retreats to immerse you in yoga, meditation, and iconic locations 

We have years of experience in organising top-quality retreats working with well qualified wellbeing professionals,  so you'll be in good hands.




"Great retreat weekend spent with Michel, Joelle, Sofong and fellow yogis! I loved having the opportunity to spend quality time improving my alignment and discussing yoga philosophy. Would recommend warmly & looking forward to the next one!"

Extended teaching from Mike


Having led a toxic life for many years overwhelmed with stress and severe asthma symptoms, Michel really understands what it means to lead an unbalanced life. Having been referred to countless doctors for his asthma and other inflammatory conditions, he realised it was time to take matters into his own hands after quitting his 10 year international corporate career.


In the course of his holistic health journey, Michel has witnessed the power of personal development and how our lives can significantly change through a consistent yoga practice, breathwork  proper nutrition and harnessing self awareness & inquiry through daily meditation. He strongly believes that  every individual is capable of empowering themselves with this knowledge in order to lead a healthier life full of energy, meaning and purpose. He is passionate about bringing this knowledge in greater depth into his retreats working with other wellness professionals. His retreats invite certified professional life coaches, trained holistic health chefs and experienced and certified yoga teachers to complement his knowledge.


Michel is the founder of Popup Yoga Concepts and is a 450 RYT certified yoga instructor having practiced a variety of  yoga styles since 2002. He has been technically trained as a power hot yoga instructor with a big emphasis on technical (anatomy) and public speaking. He also complemented his training in traditional hatha in South India taught by monastic Indian scholars, zooming in on yoga philosophy and it's link with the asana practise. Michel continues to embark on trainings and workshops yearly in order to keep his knowledge fresh and sharp. Michel teaches meditation, vinyasa, hatha yoga and yin yoga and is also a qualified health coach applying these methods in his teaching methodology. His trainings and years of teaching experience have given him a dynamic style of teaching.

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