Our Relationship With Nature

Dear friends,  Today I wanted to zoom in on my (our) relationship with nature considering the crisis we find ourselves in is a result of our interaction with nature (I do not believe in conspiracy theories, some of which are rather amusing to read). The last philosophy sharing circle at my latest retreat resulted in a  conversation on the notion of spirituality, which usually sparks up a conversation of faith, belief, hocus pocus with some even deeming it as a taboo subject.  For me, spirituality is about digging deeper into the very NATURE of our existence. And I emphasize NATURE here as it is not my intention here to demystify spirituality but to zoom in on an interesting remark made by one of my participants. For him, spirituality was in of itself, NATURE. He remarked that there is a "natural order' in how nature functions & interacts with all beings resulting in consequences of harmony. Nature's concept is so cleverly intrinsically linked in an effortless puzzle,  yet in a logical order, and for some, this is interpreted as divine order.  Now, I know I am opening a can of worms (or cookies in my case🐒), but this resonated with me. Shortly, two documentaries appeared on my phone through contacts and friends. Many of you will have heard of Attenborough's latest Netflix documentary on A life on our planet, and the second a very moving piece