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Start Small, Aim Big

Accepting failure & the manifesting power of repetition As with any dream or life goal you want to pursue , there is a considerable amount of action that needs to be trialed and errored before it takes shape. But how do we exactly define what we want and how do we manifest our deepest desires? I have heard lots of advice on visualising and journaling (which is a great exercise for thinking your dreams through) but in my experience what makes our pursuits tangible is something that coincides with learning a skill that can be taught to others or has some kind of purpose attached to it. When you sharpen your focus on one particular skill or goal, it opens you to new situations and social networks and sets a path for you to follow. This only happens from repeated action. Not just journaling and dreaming alone. Let’s take some examples like building a business, pursuing a career change, mastering a new hobby, or achieving personal fitness goals.. We all know how much procrastination is involved before starting. The first stage is pondering and overcoming the fear of failure . This is where most people get stuck... The mindset shift is to accept that failure is a byproduct of trying new things.

Accepting Failure

Failure is often accompanied by fear. Let’s face it: if you fail, it feels terrible and could cost you time, money, and affect your mental health. However, if you learn to accept that failure is a significant part of the process, Mr. and Mrs. Fear take a backseat in your journey rather than driving it. Even mentally visualizing & meditating this feeling helps me immensely. Failures & setbacks can also provide valuable lessons, resilience, and the ability to adapt and improve. Secondly when you keep mastering your craft, whether it’s teaching, being a manager or building your dream day by day, opportunities will inevitably pop up on your doorstep since you have repeatedly put yourself in a position of doing, failing AND creating situations where you meet the “right” people or where the “right” opportunities eventually land. This is not necessarily the magic of manifesting but a repeated action of trial and error of trying new things which increases your chances of getting closer to your dreams. Time & Patience It's essential to recognise that achieving our dreams takes time (many years even). Success rarely happens overnight, and there will be moments of difficulty, boredom, and weariness along the way. However, it's during these challenging times that our commitment to our goals truly shines. When we give up, we don’t bear the fruits of our hard work and the eventual opportunities that come along the way from diligent and fulfilling work. The best outcome from repetition is that it also makes you a master at your craft. Once you get really good at doing something, you start to build momentum & the wheel of fortune starts to set in motion. (This is hard to do if pursuing too many interests & goals) To this day, my business is still a very challenging path, however looking back, I also have seen a steady pace of growth both personally and professionally. Start small, aim big, keep moving; It's a mantra that can lead you to the success you seek. With ❤️🖤💛 Mike


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