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Speaking your truth

Hello friends,

Something I was struggling with this last month was communicating my needs in a given situation. When having talked to many students and friends about this in the last month, I noticed that this is an aspect many struggle within their interpersonal relationships.

This can be with a family member; employee, spouse, business partner, friend, or any other relationship that matters in our lives.

A common problem for not communicating our needs is the fear of offending someone if we do, especially when trying to build rapport and fostering connection.

Another tricky part is the "assumptions" (or stories we create) we make about how a given person may react, which defines our core confidence. Why?

We end up compromising our own needs in the end. A lose-lose situation for both parties involved.

So the thought of the month: When you stand in your truth and are confident about your stance, then there is nothing to lose in communicating your needs, your truth. Nada.

When we withhold our feelings of doubt for example, whether it's about a financial disagreement, business arrangement, quarrel, uncertainty of direction, or boundaries that have been crossed, you will never be able to grow the relationship to a healthier level. Clarity is key to finding solution or compromise.

This will not only guarantee peace of mind as to where you stand in the relationship but even inspire respect from your relationships & peers and help build trust with the 'right people' for you.

Remember that solid relationships are built upon trust through open and honest communication.

Always check in with your intention behind why you need to communicate your needs. When it's coming from an honest, confident, integral space, then there is EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose. Develop the courage to speak up. Bon courage!

Be Yoga


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