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Practice yoga in your life, not just a studio.

Embrace yoga wherever you are by catching the wave of inspiration in each moment of life with the right kind of practice. 


One of the great lessons of yoga is that everything is interconnected - your hipbone to your anklebone, you to your community, your community to the world. This interconnection is vital to understanding yoga. This holistic system simultaneously taps into many mechanisms that have additive and even multiplicative effects. This synergy may be the most important way of all that yoga heals.

Pop Up Yoga Concepts

Yoga is for everyone, in every space.

PopUp Yoga Concepts was founded in 2016 with the important message of mind-body health brought to a broader context than just the yoga studio. After all, life happens outside of the studio and so should your yoga.

With our offerings of yoga as digital and live classes, customised for special personal and company events, and yoga retreats, you can find exactly the right kind of yoga for you at any moment of your life.


Our values




Don't wait for the right time, address, or life stage. Start now.

Nothing beats the inspiration of the present moment. Capture that momentum by turning inward, being curious and playful, and allowing us to elevate you into new ways of seeing yourself.

"Popup Yoga Concepts brought yoga into my life. Mike has the talent and patience to teach beginners and even in a beginners class he is able to bring variation in the workouts. I am the most inflexible person alive but still enjoy the experience of yoga!"

Lana, Belgium

Our Founding Teacher

Meet Mike Van Cauter

PopUp Yoga Concepts was founded by Mike Van Cauter, 500 Hours RYT Yoga Alliance certified yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher, who has personally practiced yoga since 2002. He has taught over 3500 classes, led international wellbeing retreats, talks & company seminars in order to inspire people to adopt a more conscious lifestyle and way of being. Mike teaches yoga and mindfulness in an accessible way, helping people understand their own bodies and its possibilities through functional movement in mobility, flexibility, strength, stamina and relaxation. He is also a trained mindfulness meditation teacher having a daily practice himself since 2014.

The body and mind are interconnected, a key principle interwoven into all of Mike's teachings. 

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Our Services

True to our philosophy that yoga can be a part of your life everywhere and anytime, we offer a variety of services to help you start and maintain a yoga and meditation practice at every stage of your life. 

What are you looking to experience today or in the near future? Choose from our digital studio of prerecorded online classes, live classes in person and online, retreats and customised events for your personal or professional communities.  

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